Music Association of California Community Colleges
Fall 2017 Newsletter
A Message from the President
There have been some recent developments on the ADT in Music. Many of us are in favor of these changes and some are not. This is awesome. We need more learned discourse in our discipline. In my opinion got “state level” people to acknowledge that we are a “force”. We speak with a unified voice. We can agree to disagree within our ranks but putting out a unified front has made people sit up and take notice - We are MACCC! - My hopes are that we can encourage other disciplines to attend our conference, and see what a difference they can make in their degree programs. I am proposing a reduced conference attendance fee for other disciplines to come and learn how to organize their own areas, and to advocate for what they deem important. This conference will be addressing this issue as well as many others and I encourage you to not just invite you fellow music educators, but your Art teachers, Dance instructors and Theater professors as well.

I owe a great deal to this organization and I want to share the reasons with you. The breakout sessions at conferences have helped me become a more effective teacher and stimulated further study.
The conference choirs and bands are led by many of the luminaries of the field, and they became master classes for my students who attended. One of the most educational experiences of the conference is hanging out with other educators who do what you do…and we all know how unique the community college is.

Gus Kambeitz – MACCC President