Advocacy & Curriculum
What MACCC Has Done for You
  • MACCC members kept repeatability as an option by have representation at the state level
  • The language in the new ADT continues to be challenged at the state level
  • MACCC has a strong voice in the new commercial music CID
  • MACCC has partnered with StandUp4Music, the coalition of music organizations headed by CMEA.  This partnership has resulted in the addition of a full-time lobbyist to represent music education in Sacramento.

CalSTRS Hot Topic Issues:

  • CalSTRS reported that as of last June 30, 2013, the pension fund shortfall grew by $2.7 billion in the 12-months since the previous valuation of June 30, 2012.
  • The long-term funding shortfall has risen to $73.7 billion, a stark reminder of the financial issues facing the teachers’ pension fund.
  • Two months ago, CalPERS initiated a plan to raise contribution rates from state and local agencies around $100 billion.
  • Unlike the public employees’ pension fund, the teachers’ fund needs the Legislature’s permission to implement a rate hike.
  • Although CalSTRS has enough cash to deal with its obligations for the foreseeable future, it is only 66.9 percent funded for the long term.

Come to the MACCC Conference to speak with CalSTRS CEO Jack Ehnes & Legislation Advocacy representative, Jennifer Baker from CTA. They will be onsite to answer all your retirement questions.

Curriculum Issues