Membership is open to all current and retired faculty (full and part-time) at a California Community College Music Department. You may print and mail the membership form, or pay via paypal (below).

NOTE: You MUST have an active membership in order to attend the conference. Click on Conferences and Competitions tab to register for the conference.

Benefits of MACCC Membership:
  • Networking with music administrators, department chairs, full-time and adjunct faculty from across the state.
  • Platform to discuss practical issues such as the transfer degree, repeatability, applied music, articulation, assessment, developing new courses, on-line classes, fundraising
  • Leadership networking
  • Networking in your specific music field
  • New teacher mentoring
  • Access to our network of members
  • Breakout sessions at our annual conference covering all aspects of music department activities including teaching techniques, legislative issues and job placement.
  • Political activity and awareness
  • The MACCC Directory, a resource for networking and support.
  • Professional development at our annual conference.
  • Performance opportunities for faculty and students.
  • Connections to the music industry
  • Opportunities to present sessions at our annual conference.
  • Interpersonal connections – you all know that a good deal of what you learn at conferences happens after hours with colleagues

Membership Form